Tired of Being Poor

Thoughts from a 40 something, college graduated, hard-working, midwestern girl.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Today's news

I just read in today's Wichita Eagle about how so many "middle class" families are right on the edge of poverty. I am glad they are finally bringing this up. The story describes a married woman with a master's degree in marketing ( I thought that was the big business now) who is underemployeed, working at places like the MCI call center, WalMart, etc, and is lucky now to have a $9.50 / hr secretarial job. They are cutting back on everything they can so that they don't loose their house. They have even had to do without trash service with their cutbacks. They are eating at the Lord's Diner. What will it take for this country to WAKE UP and take care of itself? WHY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! would the state of Kansas vote REPUBLICAN? All I can say is that there sure must be a lot of SHEEP around here, letting themselves be herded where they should not go. WAKE UP AMERICA!
Thank you for listening

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Have you heard of all the miricle cures and uses for Coke? That would be good if it weren't so expensive to buy. I wonder if the 8/$1 stuff will work just as well?


Have you ever gone through Wallyworld and only been able to buy the stuff on your list, store brand claritin and a package of underwear, for example? I usually stay away from that store, just because there is so much that I want there, and can't have. I would have even bought the underwear at the dollar store, but it was too late at night, and they were already closed. When we do go there, I have to be real careful not to go crazy and buy pretty things for my house. sighhhhhhh

Monday, November 07, 2005

My first entry

Wow, I must not have anything else to do, but that's not even close to true. I feel the need to spout. Don't worry, you won't get wet.